New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:66-4.2 - Inapplicability Of Certain Statutes Relative To Certain Transferred Service Credit.

18A:66-4.2 Inapplicability of certain statutes relative to certain transferred service credit.

34. The provisions of N.J.S.18A:66-2, N.J.S.18A:66-36, N.J.S.18A:66-37, N.J.S.18A:66-44, and N.J.S.18A:66-71 concerning persons who become members of the retirement system on or after the effective date of P.L.2010, c.1 shall not apply to a person who at the time of enrollment in the retirement system on or after that effective date transfers service credit, as permitted, from another State-administered retirement system of which the person was a member immediately prior to the effective date and continuously thereafter, but shall apply to a former member of the retirement system who has been granted a retirement allowance and is reenrolled in the retirement system on or after that effective date after becoming employed again in a position that makes the person eligible to be a member of the retirement system.

L.2010, c.1, s.34.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016