New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:71b-30 - Participation By Institutions Of Higher Education.

18A:71B-30 Participation by institutions of higher education.

18A:71B-30. Participation by Institutions of Higher Education.

a.The State Treasurer, in consultation with the commission, shall also provide for additional financial incentives to be provided to holders of Garden State Savings Bonds to encourage the enrollment of students at institutions of higher education located in the State of New Jersey. These financial incentives shall be in such forms as determined by the State Treasurer in consultation with issuing officials at the time of the authorization of the Garden State Savings Bonds and shall at a minimum provide that each participating institution shall guarantee that the value of Garden State Savings Bonds redeemed for the purposes of the payment of tuition, fees, and other educational costs at the institution, shall, at the time of matriculation of the student, be increased by not less than six percent of the face value of the bonds at the time of redemption. Two percent of the incentive amount shall be paid by the State, and four percent by participating institutions.

b.Every public institution of higher education in New Jersey shall participate in the financial incentive program. Independent institutions of higher education in New Jersey may elect to participate in the program. Each independent institution which elects to participate shall enter into a contract with the Department of the Treasury which shall, at a minimum, define the terms of participation and establish conditions under which an institution may withdraw from the program. Any independent institution that withdraws from the program shall guarantee to provide the financial incentives in effect for all bonds purchased during the period in which the institution was a participant in the program.

c.The original purchaser and any member of the immediate family of the original purchaser of a Garden State Savings Bond shall be eligible for the financial incentive program established pursuant to this section.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016