New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:71b-89 - Definitions Relative To Social Sciences Student Loan Redemption.

18A:71B-89 Definitions relative to social sciences student loan redemption.
3.As used in this act:

"Approved course of study" means: an undergraduate program leading to a bachelor's degree offered by a four-year public or independent institution of higher education; or a graduate program leading to a master's degree, which is offered by a public or independent institution of higher education, in a human services discipline such as social work, psychology or counseling, or a health-related profession such as occupational, physical or speech therapy.

"Approved employment" means postgraduate, full-time employment as a direct care professional in a qualified facility. The term shall not include a paid student internship, paid fellowship, volunteer service or employment before graduation.

"Authority" means the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority established pursuant to N.J.S.18A:71A-3.

"Direct care professional" means a professional staff member at a qualified facility who provides one or more of the following services to eligible persons: counseling; physical, occupational, recreational or speech therapy; case management; vocational training; assistance with activities of daily living; medication management; budgeting assistance; addiction treatment services; nutrition; and other clinical services.

"Eligible student loan expenses" mean the cumulative total of the annual student loans, covering the cost of attendance while enrolled in an approved course of study. Interest paid or due on student loans that a program participant has taken out for use in paying the costs of attendance at an institution of higher education shall be considered eligible for reimbursement under the program.

"Program" means the Social Services Student Loan Redemption Program established pursuant to this act.

"Program participant" means a person who meets the requirements of the program.

"Qualified facility" means:

a.a facility operated by the Department of Human Services that provides direct care services to persons served by the department;

b.a county psychiatric hospital;

c.a facility operated by the Juvenile Justice Commission;

d.a veterans' memorial home operated by the Department of Military and Veterans' Affairs; and

e.a nonprofit agency in the State that contracts with the Department of Human Services or the Juvenile Justice Commission to provide direct care services to persons served by the department or commission.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016