New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:71c-3 - Approval And Granting Of Federal Loan.

18A:71C-3 Approval and granting of federal loan.

18A:71C-3. Approval and Granting of Federal Loan.

Upon approval by the authority of a federal loan application, any eligible lender may make a loan as approved and upon the terms and conditions required under this article, but no moneys shall be advanced or paid under any loan until the applicant has satisfied the authority, and the eligible institution certifies to the lender that the applicant, or the person on behalf of whom the parent is the applicant, has been admitted to, or is in regular attendance and in good standing at, an eligible institution located in this State or elsewhere. Any lender making a loan shall cooperate with the authority in supervising the use of credit in accordance with its purposes. If disbursement of loan proceeds is in the form of a check, the check representing the loan proceeds shall be made payable to the applicant and the eligible institution jointly, except when the applicant is attending an eligible institution not located in the United States, in which instance the check may be made payable to the applicant only. Disbursement may also be made by master check, electronic funds transfer, or other methods permitted under 20 U.S.C.s.1071 et seq.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016