New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:72a-73 - Findings, Declarations Relative To Facilities Improvements At Institutions Of Higher Education.

18A:72A-73 Findings, declarations relative to facilities improvements at institutions of higher education.

2.The Legislature finds and declares that:

a.Higher education plays a vital role in the economic development of the nation and the State by providing education and training for the work force of the future, by advancing knowledge and technology through research, and by providing lifelong learning opportunities for all citizens.

b.New Jersey has made a significant investment in its public and private institutions of higher education, and that investment must be protected to insure the continuing availability of affordable, accessible, and excellent higher educational opportunities within the State.

c.If New Jersey is to continue the expansion of its economic development through an adequately trained work force that retains and attracts industry to the State, the facilities and technology infrastructure at New Jersey's public and private institutions of higher education must be preserved and enhanced.

d.In order for New Jersey students and businesses to be competitive with their peers in today's global and technological society, the public and private sectors must continually take steps to preserve and enhance the facilities and technology at our colleges and universities. To do otherwise would result in the loss of potential students to more technologically advanced and well-developed and maintained institutions in other states.

e.In order to support the State's economy and preserve and enhance our higher education system, the State recently provided additional funds to capital needs at the two-year public colleges. There remains, however, a crucial need to provide additional funds to renew, renovate, improve, expand, construct, and reconstruct facilities and technology infrastructure at New Jersey's four-year public and private institutions of higher education.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016