New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:73-35 - Duties Of State Library.

18A:73-35 Duties of State Library.

20.The State Library shall:

(a)Maintain library resources and information services over a broad range of subjects which affect the educational, intellectual, cultural, economic and political life of the State;

(b)Provide special library services for the legislative, executive and judicial branches of State Government, supplemental library service for New Jersey libraries and citizens and direct library service for the handicapped;

(c)Purchase or otherwise acquire, and maintain a general collection of books, periodicals, newspapers, maps, slides, films and other library materials for the use of State and local governments, libraries, and the public generally; and exchange, discard, sell, or otherwise dispose of books and library materials as required within the purposes stated herein and all moneys to be secured from such sales shall be paid into the treasury to be used for the benefit of the State Library when appropriated to that purpose;

(d)Maintain as part of the State Library, a general reference service; a legislative reference service; a law library service; a documents depository service; an archival service for New Jersey materials; a records management service for State and local governments; a deposit and exchange service for library materials; an interlibrary loan service; an advisory service for public libraries, school libraries, libraries of institutions of higher education, industrial, commercial and other special libraries, State department and agency libraries, and the libraries the State maintains within the institutions carrying out its health, welfare and correctional programs; and a library service for the handicapped; and provide such other services as may be required by law;

(e)Preserve the records of the history of New Jersey through its official archives and other materials and promote interest and research in the history of the State;

(f)Coordinate a Statewide system of libraries in New Jersey, and administer State and federal programs for the development of libraries, library facilities, library resources and library services in New Jersey, and require such reports as are necessary for the proper administration of its duties and for the gathering and publishing of annual and occasional statistics on libraries in the State;

(g)Promote and demonstrate library service throughout the State, and study library problems and needs in New Jersey and make the resultant findings known generally.

L.1969,c.158,s.20; amended 2001, c.137, s.12.

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