New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7f-4.3 - Information Relative To Organ Donation Given To Students In Grades 9 Through 12.

18A:7F-4.3 Information relative to organ donation given to students in grades 9 through 12.

3. a. The State Board of Education, in consultation with the organ procurement organizations designated pursuant to 42 U.S.C.s.1320b-8 to serve in the State of New Jersey, shall review the Core Curriculum Content Standards for Comprehensive Health and Physical Education to ensure that information about organ donation is included therein to students in grades 9 through 12, beginning with the 2009-2010 school year.

(1)The goals of the instruction shall be:

(a)to emphasize the benefits of organ and tissue donation to the health and well-being of society generally, and to individuals whose lives are saved by organ and tissue donations, so that students will be motivated to make an affirmative decision to register as a donor when they become adults;

(b)to fully address myths and misunderstandings regarding organ and tissue donation;

(c)to explain the options available to adults, including the option of designating a decision-maker to make the donation decision on one's behalf; and

(d)to instill an understanding of the consequences when an individual does not make a decision to become an organ donor and does not register or otherwise record a designated decision-maker;

(2)The instruction shall inform students that beginning five years from the date of enactment of P.L.2008, c.48 (C.26:6-66 et al.), the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission will not issue or renew a New Jersey driver's license or personal identification card unless a prospective or renewing licensee or card holder makes an acknowledgement regarding the donor decision pursuant to section 8 of P.L.2008, c.48 (C.39:3-12.4).

b.The Commissioner of Education, through the non-public school liaison in the Department of Education, shall make any related instructional materials available to private schools educating students in grades 9 through 12, or any combination thereof. Such schools are encouraged to use the instructional materials at the school; however, nothing in this subsection shall be construed to require such schools to use the materials.

L.2008, c.48, s.3.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016