New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7g-16 - Additional Powers, Duties Of Financing Authority.

18A:7G-16 Additional powers, duties of financing authority.

16.In addition to the other powers and duties which have been granted to the financing authority, whenever any local unit finances the construction or acquisition of a school facilities project which would otherwise qualify under this act except that the debt was issued prior to the effective date of this act, the financing authority may refinance the debt issued by the local unit through the issuance of bonds secured by repayments of loans made to the local units and may purchase the work or improvement and lease the same to the district, subject to the approval of the State Treasurer; except that the amount of the purchase price for a school facilities project shall not exceed the original cost. Each loan to a local unit pursuant to this section shall be evidenced by local unit obligations and shall be authorized and issued as provided by law. Notwithstanding the provisions of any law to the contrary, the local unit obligations may be sold at private sale to the financing authority at any price, whether or not less than par value, and shall be subject to redemption prior to maturity at any times and at any prices as the financing authority and the local unit may agree. All powers, rights, obligations and duties granted to or imposed upon the financing authority, districts, State departments and agencies or others by this act in respect to school facilities projects shall apply to the same extent with respect to any refinance of debt pursuant to this section; except that any action otherwise required to be taken at a particular time in the implementation of a school facilities project may, when the circumstances require in connection with a refinance of debt pursuant to this section, be taken with the same effect as if taken at that particular time. Upon repayment of the bonds or provision for repayment of bonds issued by the financing authority to refinance the debt of the local unit, the school facilities project shall be transferred to the district.

L.2000, c.72, s.15; amended 2007, c.137, s.27.

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