New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:7g-34 - Prequalification Process, Submission Requirements.

18A:7G-34 Prequalification process, submission requirements.

60. a. The prequalification process shall include a requirement that the contractor proposing to submit bids on a school facilities project submit a statement under oath on a form designated by the development authority. The form shall fully describe and establish the financial ability, responsibility, plant and equipment, organization, ownership, relationships and prior experience of the prospective bidder and any other pertinent and material facts as may be deemed necessary by the development authority. The submission shall include:

(1)A certified, audited financial statement or compilation of financial statements or other documentation of financial status acceptable to the development authority;

(2)Proof of any contractor or trade license required by law for any trade or specialty area in which the contractor is seeking prequalification and a statement as to whether any contractor or trade license has been revoked;

(3)A statement as to bonding capacity, which shall be from a surety authorized to issue bid, performance and payment bonds in the State of New Jersey in accordance with N.J.S.2A:44-143 through N.J.S.2A:44-147 to the contractor, and shall indicate aggregate bonding limits;

(4)A list of the names and titles of all individuals who own 10% or more of any class of stock in the corporation or are a 10% or more partner in the firm. If any of the aforementioned stockholders or partners is itself a corporation, or a partnership, that entity shall also provide the information specified herein;

(5)Disclosure of any judgments, convictions or criminal indictments for any conduct constituting a crime under local, State or federal law;

(6)Disclosure of any unsatisfied judgments, injunctions or liens obtained by a governmental agency including, but not limited to, judgments based on taxes owed and fines and penalties assessed by any government agency;

(7)Disclosure of any determination for violations of federal, State or local laws, rules or regulations, including health laws, unemployment insurance or workers' compensation coverage or claim requirements, the "Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974" (Pub.L.93-406, 29 U.S.C. s. 1001 et seq.), security laws, environmental laws, safety laws, licensing laws, tax laws and antitrust laws;

(8)Disclosure of any federal, State or local debarments, non-responsibility findings or denials of prequalification;

(9)Disclosure of any bankruptcy filings or proceedings;

(10) A statement as to past performance, which shall give an accurate and complete record of work completed in the past five years by the contractor giving the names of the projects, type of work, location, contract price, bid and final contract amount paid and the names of the owner and of the architect or engineer in charge for the owner. This statement shall also disclose any labor problems experienced, any failure to complete a contract on schedule, any penalties, judgments, orders or liens imposed by reason of any contract undertaken within the five-year period and whether the contractor has been defaulted for cause on any project as determined by an unappealed or nonappealable decision. This statement shall also indicate the status of any litigation pending against the potential bidder. The contractor shall be required to attach to this statement all performance evaluations in his possession for any work performed by the contractor on any public or private projects;

(11) A statement as to organization, which shall demonstrate the adequacy of such organization to undertake a school facilities project. This statement shall include the resumes of the management and professional staff;

(12) A statement setting forth the contractor's equipment inventory and technical resources; and

(13) A statement on staffing capabilities, including labor sources, staffing plans, turnover rates, and any use of registered apprenticeship programs and journeyman training programs.

b.After the receipt of the submission provided for in subsection a. of this section, the development authority may verify information provided in the contractor's submission, including applicable license and certificate requirements, federal or State debarments and violations of law. The development authority may also conduct random inquiries or surveys of the contractor's prior customers.

c.Based upon the submission provided for in subsection a. of this section the development authority shall assign a contractor the following classification and limits for the purpose of determining the types of projects for which a contractor is entitled to bid:

(1)a trade or work classification; and

(2)an aggregate rating limit.

To effectuate these requirements of the prequalification process, the development authority shall develop rules and regulations for assigning classifications and aggregate limits.

d.The classification shall be made and an immediate notice thereof shall be sent to the contractor by registered or certified mail or other legally valid methods.

e.The development authority shall establish procedures to permit contractors to challenge a classification made pursuant to this section.

f.The prequalification submission shall include an affidavit which acknowledges receipt of information regarding the appropriate federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training apprenticeship laws and regulations as adopted by the State and information regarding the county apprenticeship coordinators and the federal Bureau of Apprenticeship and Training.

g.The development authority shall maintain a registry of all contractors prequalified to bid on school facilities projects. The registry shall include the classification of the bidder and aggregate building limit.

L.2000, c.72, s.60; amended 2007, c.137, s.39.

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