New Jersey Revised Statutes § 18a:9-4 - Type I Districts; Reclassification; Resolution Or Petition For Submission; Frequency.

18A:9-4 Type I districts; reclassification; resolution or petition for submission; frequency.

18A:9-4. The question of the acceptance of section 18A:9-2 of this title, in any local school district governed by section 18A:9-3 of this title, except a consolidated school district, or of the acceptance of section 18A:9-3 of this title in any local school district governed by section 18A:9-2 of this title, shall be submitted to the legal voters of such district whenever the governing body of the municipality constituting such district or the board of education of any type I districts, shall by resolution so direct, or whenever a petition, signed by not less than 15% of the number of legally qualified voters who voted in such district at the last preceding general election held for the election of all of the members of the general assembly, shall be filed with the clerk of such municipality. No resolution may be adopted and no petition may be filed for the submission of the question of acceptance of N.J.S.18A:9-2 or N.J.S.18A:9-3, as the case may be, within four years after an election shall have been held pursuant to any resolution adopted, or petition filed, pursuant to this section or N.J.S.18A:9-6.

L.1967, c.271; amended 2003, c.102, s.1.

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