New Jersey Revised Statutes § 20:3-45 - Condemnation Of Public Utility Property By Municipality; After Acquired Property And Improvements

20:3-45. Condemnation of public utility property by municipality; after acquired property and improvements
Where an award has been made in an action by a municipality for the condemnation of property of a public utility company and the award has been paid to the parties entitled thereto or the amount thereof paid into court, the municipality, in addition to having the right to take possession of the property so condemned, may take possession of such other property as the company has acquired, and any improvements made in its plant, since the commencement of the action, in advance of making compensation therefor, provided the municipality cannot acquire said property and improvements by agreement with the owner, either by reason of disagreement as to price, or the legal incapacity or absence of the owner, or his inability to convey valid title, or by reason of any other cause.

Upon a municipality exercising this right and entering upon and taking the after-acquired property and improvements in advance of making compensation therefor, the municipality shall apply to the commissioners therefore appointed in the action to fix the compensation to be paid the persons interested for the after-acquired property and improvements. Thereupon the commissioners shall make a just and equitable appraisement of the value of all such after-acquired property and improvements and damages if any, in accordance with this act. Upon the making of the award the municipality shall pay the amount thereof unless an appeal is taken therefrom to the Superior Court as provided for in section 13 of this act, in which case the amount of the award shall be paid upon final determination thereof.

L.1971, c. 361, s. 45.

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