New Jersey Revised Statutes § 22a:2-29 - County Clerk, Deputy Clerk Of Superior Court, Fees.

22A:2-29 County clerk, deputy clerk of Superior Court, fees.
22A:2-29. Upon the filing, indexing, entering or recording of the following documents or papers in the office of the county clerk or deputy clerk of the Superior Court, such parties, filing or having the same recorded or indexed in the county clerk's office or with the deputy clerk of the Superior Court in the various counties in this State in all civil or criminal causes, shall pay the following fees in lieu of

the fees heretofore provided for the filing, recording or entering of such documents or papers:

In general--

Issuing county clerk's certificate, any instrument$5.00

Comparing and making copies, per sheet.$2.00

Copies of all papers, typing and comparing of photostat, per page$2.00

Marking as a true copy, any instrument$2.00

Exemplification, any instrument$10.00

Plus $1.00 per page of instrument.

Recording or filing all instruments not herein stated.$7.50

Bonds, bail, recognizances--

Recording all official bonds with acknowledgment and

proof of the execution thereof$9.00

Filing all papers related to recognizance or civil bail$ 30.00

Filing discharge, attachment bond$9.00

Filing and recording filiation bond$9.00

Filing satisfaction of or order discharging filiation bond$9.00

Recording or discharging sheriff's bond$9.00

Nonbusiness corporation, recording:

Certificates of incorporation of churches, religious societies and congregations. $25.00

Amendments to certificates of incorporation of churches, religious societies and congregations, recording$25.00

Bank merger agreements, recording:

First sheet$25.00

Each additional sheet, Certificates, each$5.00

Tradenames, firms, partnerships:

Certificate of name, filing (see R.S.56:1-1 et seq.)$50.00

Certificate of dissolution of tradename (see R.S.56:1-6 et seq.)$25.00

Partnership agreement (see R.S.42:1-1 et seq.)$50.00

Building and loan or savings and loan associations:

Change of name$25.00


Certificates for limited-dividend housing associations, recording:

First page$20.00

Each additional page$5.00

Certificates for urban renewal associations, recording:

First page$20.00

Each additional page$5.00

Judgments, et cetera--

Recording judgments$15.00

Filing, entering and recording judgment on bond

and warrant by attorney$37.50

Certificate for docketing Superior Court transcript$9.00

Recording assignment of judgment$15.00

Issuing transcript of judgment$7.50

Filing or entering on the record of discharge,

cancellation, release or satisfaction of a judgment

by satisfaction piece, execution returned satisfied

or otherwise$15.00

For recording and indexing postponement of the lien

of judgment.$20.00

Filing, indexing and recording mechanic's lien claim$9.00

Recording, filing and noting on the record the

discharge, release or satisfaction of a

mechanic's lien claim$9.00

Extension of lien claim$3.00

Filing statement in mechanic's lien proceeding$9.00

Filing, recording and indexing mechanic's notice of intention$4.50

Filing a certificate discharging a mechanic's notice of intention and noting the discharge on the record thereof$4.50

Filing certificate from court of commencement of suit$4.50

Filing a court order amending a mechanic's notice of intention$9.00

Construction lien$15.00

Notice of unpaid balance, discharge$15.00



Filing a court order to discharge notice of intention and noting

the discharge on the record thereof$15.00

Filing, recording and indexing stop notice$4.50

Filing a certificate discharging a stop notice and noting the

discharge on the record thereof.$4.50

Filing a court order discharging a stop notice and noting the

discharge on the record thereof$9.00

Filing building contract$25.00

Filing discharge of building contract$15.00


Filing building specifications.$25.00

Filing building plans$25.00

Filing each notice of physician's lien$15.00

Entering upon the record the discharge of a

physician's lien$15.00

Filing each hospital lien claim$15.00

Discharge of hospital lien$15.00

Filing satisfaction or order for discharge of attachment$15.00

Recording collateral inheritance waiver or receipt$15.00

Recording inheritance tax waiver.$15.00

Subordination, release, partial release or postponement of a lien to lien of mortgage $20.00


Commissions and oaths--

Administering oaths to notaries public and commissioners of deeds$15.00

For issuing certificate of authority of notary to take proof,

acknowledgment of affidavit$5.00

For issuing each certificate of the commission and qualification of notary public for filing with other county clerks$15.00

For filing each certificate of the commission and qualification of notary public, in office of county clerk of county other than where such notary has qualified$15.00

Miscellaneous--Filing and recording proceedings for laying out,

vacating or dedicating roads$25.00

Recording firemen's certificates.No charge.

Registering physician$25.00

Issuing of nonalcoholic beverage identification card to persons under twenty-one years of age$10.00

L.1953, c.22, s.11; amended 1957, c.224; 1965, c.123, ss.7,11; 1967, c.113; 1980, c.58, s.2; 1985, c.422, s.4; 2001, c.370, s.2; 2002, c.34, s.31; 2004, c.108, s.3.

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