New Jersey Revised Statutes § 23:2b-8 - Management Of Shared Fisheries Resources; Cooperation To Develop Integrated Management Plans; Reciprocal Agreements With Other Jurisdictions

23:2B-8. Management of shared fisheries resources; cooperation to develop integrated management plans; reciprocal agreements with other jurisdictions
In the management of fisheries resources which are shared by the State of New Jersey with other states or with other states and the Federal Government, the commissioner shall cooperate with the appropriate agencies of said states, the Federal Government and the regional fisheries management councils established under the Federal Fisheries Conservation and Management Act of 1976, and any appropriate interstate programs to develop integrated management plans for such shared resources.

The commissioner is empowered to make the following reciprocal agreements with other jurisdictions:

a. Rules and regulations with respect to fishing in boundary waters after consultation with the appropriate body in the neighboring states;

b. A procedure whereby valid fishing license issued by the parties to the reciprocal agreements may be used by their licensees within the jurisdiction of either in accordance with the terms of such agreements;

c. Any individual from a state who has the responsibility of enforcing that state's marine fisheries laws may pursue any person found fishing in the coastal waters of such state in violation of the marine fisheries laws thereof onto adjacent waters of this State and there arrest him and return him to the state where the violation occurred for the purpose of prosecuting him for such violation; provided, that such other state shall have enacted legislation giving substantially similar authority to individuals in this State who have responsibility for enforcing the marine fisheries laws of this State relative to persons found fishing in the coastal waters of this State in violation of the marine fishing laws thereof.

L.1979, c. 199, s. 8, eff. Sept. 19, 1979.

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