New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:12-7.1 - Notice Of Lease; Publication; Contents

27:12-7.1. Notice of lease; publication; contents
Whenever any municipality shall intend to enter into a lease by private negotiation, pursuant to section 1 of this act, it shall make such intention public by publishing a notice thereof in at least 1 newspaper of general circulation in the municipality. The notice shall be published at least once not less than 10 days before such lease shall be executed, including the day of publication but excluding the day of execution of the lease. The notice shall clearly call attention to the fact that it is a notice of information with respect to a proposed lease of such property which shall be generally described, and the notice shall also contain the following:

(a) The name of the lessee with whom the municipality proposes to enter into the lease;

(b) A recital that:

(i) The municipality has a proposal from the lessee named in the lease to enter into the lease for the development of such property;

(ii) The governing body proposes to authorize the execution of the proposed lease and to execute it on or after the date specified in the notice, which date shall not be earlier than the tenth day after publication, excluding the date of publication; and

(iii) A copy of the proposed lease is available for public examination at the office of the clerk of the municipality during regular office hours.

L.1963, c. 6, s. 2.

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