New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:13-4 - Payment Of Dedicated Funds Quarterly; Dates For Payment; Emergencies

27:13-4. Payment of dedicated funds quarterly; dates for payment; emergencies
(a) All moneys from time to time dedicated pursuant to the provisions of chapter 22 of the Title State Government, Departments and Officers (s. 52:22-1 et seq.) for the reconstruction, maintenance and repair, operation, policing and lighting of county roads and bridges, and for the payment of principal or interest on obligations incurred prior to May 2, 1936, for any such purpose and for the extension of the county highway system, or dedicated for the proper construction, grading, drainage, maintenance and repair of unimproved town, township, village and borough roads of the State under the provisions of chapter 15 of this Title (s. 27:15-1 et seq.) and all moneys dedicated pursuant to the provisions of section 27:14-1 of this Title, or dedicated to counties for reimbursement for obligations contracted and due in the budget period for which such budget shall apply, shall, unless otherwise specifically provided in the laws under which such moneys become due and payable, be payable to such counties in installments on the first day of February, May, August and November of each year.

(b) Whenever the Governor shall exercise the Emergency Powers granted to him by the provisions of "An act concerning civilian defense and disaster control during emergency" (P.L.1942, c. 251), as said title was amended by chapter 438 of the Laws of 1953 and proclaims an emergency, as defined in said act, to exist in a political subdivision of this State, the State Highway Commissioner, in his discretion, may disburse and pay over to such county or counties affected by the proclamation of emergency of the Governor, the full amount of any balance of the funds then appropriated, required to be paid in quarterly installments under the provision of subsection (a), hereof, which are remaining in the commissioner's hands as of the date of said proclamation of emergency, and the county or counties, so receiving the payment in full or the balance remaining in the commissioner's hands on the date of the said proclamation of emergency, shall waive payment of any further funds under said subsection (a) hereof, other than funds specifically provided in the exception therein, on any installment date occurring after the date of said proclamation of emergency.

Amended by L.1962, c. 22, s. 1.

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