New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:14-28 - Authority Over Trees

27:14-28. Authority over trees
When a road plan involving the treatment of trees or forests abutting upon any road improved under the provisions of any prior law providing for the construction, permanent improvement and maintenance of public roads in this state or under the provisions of this article is to be made, the state highway commissioner shall notify the board of conservation and development which shall cause to be prepared such plans and specifications as shall be necessary for the completion of said treatment, the cost of which shall be taken as part of the cost of the road.

In all that relates to the choice, planting or care of trees, the decision of the board of conservation and development, shall be final. In all that affects the location of trees, or the influence upon the road, the decision of the state highway commissioner shall be final.

If the state highway commissioner and a local governing body having authority in respect to roadside trees shall be unable to agree regarding the removal or treatment of any tree standing within the line of a road to be improved, they shall submit the case to the board of conservation and development and its decision shall be final and binding upon all parties.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016