New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:16-64 - Acquisition Of Title To Buildings; Removal

27:16-64. Acquisition of title to buildings; removal
When a building is partly upon the land to be taken and partly upon the owner's remaining land and the commission deems it to the interest of the county and just to the owner that the title to the building be also acquired by the county for removal or destruction, it shall show in its award that the title to the necessary land and to the building, is to be acquired upon payment of the award, and in such case the county shall be obligated at its own cost and expense to raze or remove the building from the remaining land within sixty days from the time of payment, or payment into court of the award as hereinafter provided, if no appeal therefrom is taken, and for that purpose the county shall have the right, after such payment or tender, to go upon the owner's remaining land.

Amended by L.1953, c. 27, p. 494, s. 19.

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