New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:19-42 - Disposition Of Proceeds Of Sale Of Bridges Extending Within Limits Of Other States

27:19-42. Disposition of proceeds of sale of bridges extending within limits of other states
The proceeds received by any such county bridge commission upon any sale, grant or conveyance made pursuant to section two hereof shall forthwith upon their receipt be paid into a fund for the payment of the principal, redemption price and interest of bonds, notes or other evidences of indebtedness (hereinafter in this section called "bonds" ) issued by the commission, and, so long as any such bonds are outstanding, shall be held for and applied solely to the payment of such principal, redemption price and interest. The commission shall at the earliest time permitted by law and the provisions of such bonds and the availability to it of such proceeds and any other funds, pay and retire, or call for redemption and redeem and retire, all of such bonds. The remainder of such proceeds of such sale, after the retirement of all such bonds but before the commission shall be dissolved, shall be paid over to the county which created the commission; provided, that if the commission shall have entered into a contract for the payment to any municipality of annual sums of money in lieu of, or in reimbursement for, the loss of taxes on the bridge or other property sold, there shall be paid by the commission out of such remainder of such proceeds of such sale to each such municipality in full satisfaction of all obligations of the commission under such contract, an amount which bears the same proportion to such remainder of such proceeds of sale as the total assessed valuations of property in such municipality bear to the total assessed valuations of property in such county. In computing the amount so to be paid to any such municipality the assessed valuations for the most recent tax year for which such valuations are available shall be used.

L.1953, First Sp.Sess., c. 453, p. 2446, s. 3.

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