New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:25-5.12 - Fare Enforcement Officers.

27:25-5.12 Fare enforcement officers.

7. a. The executive director of the corporation shall have the power and authority to appoint such number of fare enforcement officers as the director deems necessary and to administer to the fare enforcement officers an oath or affirmation faithfully to perform the duties of their offices.

b.Fare enforcement officers are authorized to request and inspect proof of payment of the prescribed fare from persons using rail passenger services where proof of payment is required, to sign and issue a complaint and summons to any person for a violation of the provisions of this act or the regulations adopted by the corporation pursuant to this act, regardless of whether the rail passenger service is operated by the corporation or by a public or private entity under contract to the corporation and to perform such other duties as the corporation may deem appropriate. A fare enforcement officer who has probable cause to believe that a person has willfully evaded paying the required fare, may, for the purpose of obtaining and verifying identification, issuing a summons and complaint or otherwise detaining an individual for further action by any law enforcement officer, take the individual into custody and detain that person in a reasonable manner for not more than a reasonable time. The taking into custody by a fare enforcement officer shall not render the fare enforcement officer criminally or civilly liable unless such action is unreasonable under all of the circumstances.

c.Fare enforcement officers appointed pursuant to this section shall complete a course of training approved by the executive director appropriate to the duties required by this act.

d.Fare enforcement officers shall work under the direction of the chief of the transit police, but shall not be police officers.

e.Nothing in this section shall be construed as derogating any of the powers provided by law or regulation for police officers, conductors, trainmen and other employees of a provider of rail passenger services but the provisions of this act shall be in addition to any such powers.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016