New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:7-21.13 - Dot, Agreements With Certain Local Governments, Authority Clarified, Rates Established.

27:7-21.13 DOT, agreements with certain local governments, authority clarified, rates established.

1. a. Notwithstanding the provisions of R.S.27:7-11, R.S.27:7-21, R.S.27:7-29, P.L.1966, c.185 (C.27:7-35.1 et seq.), and any other law, rule, or regulation to the contrary, the Commissioner of Transportation may enter into a contract or agreement with a county or municipality for snow removal, grass mowing, tree pruning, landscaping, repair, or routine maintenance of State highways and adjacent shoulders, berms, right of ways, and other areas without advertisement for bids therefor, if the scope of the work required does not contemplate the award of a contract by the county or municipality to an outside contractor, or if the Commissioner of Transportation determines the work to be performed is immediately necessary for the prevention of a public hazard. This authorization shall not apply if approval by the Federal Highway Administration of the repair or maintenance is required.

b.The Commissioner of Transportation shall establish reasonable rates for work performed by a county or municipality without a contract or agreement, for work that is immediately necessary for the prevention of a public hazard.

L.2007, c.17, s.1; amended 2011, c.46, s.1.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016