New Jersey Revised Statutes § 27:8-6 - Commissioner Authorized To Accept Federal Funds; Expenditure

27:8-6. Commissioner authorized to accept federal funds; expenditure
The commissioner may accept any funds allocated or granted to this state for expenditure by the department under the provisions of the national industrial recovery act or the emergency relief appropriation act of 1935 for the cost of highway or bridge construction, including the elimination of hazards to highway traffic, such as the separation of grades at railroad crossings, the reconstruction of existing railroad grade crossing structures, the relocation of highways to eliminate railroad crossings, the widening of narrow bridges and roadways, the building of foot paths, the replacement of unsafe bridges, the construction of routes to avoid congested areas, the construction of facilities to improve accessibility and the free flow of traffic, and the cost of any other construction that will provide safer traffic facilities or definitely eliminate existing hazards to pedestrian or vehicular traffic whether such highways, bridges or hazards are part of the state highway system or otherwise, and expend the same in the manner required by the provisions of the national industrial recovery act or the federal emergency relief appropriation act of 1935, and do all work and make all contracts and agreements required for such purposes.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016