New Jersey Revised Statutes § 38:16-1 - Removal Of Veterans From Office Or Position

38:16-1. Removal of veterans from office or position
38:16-1. No person now holding any employment, position or office under the government of this State, or the government of any county or municipality, including any person employed by a school board or board of education, or who may hereafter be appointed to any such employment, office or position, whose term of employment, office or position is not now fixed by law, and receiving a salary from such State, county or municipality, including any person employed by a school board or board of education, who has served as a soldier, sailor, marine or nurse, in any war of the United States, or in the New Jersey State militia during the period of the World War, or who served as a member of the American Merchant Marine during World War II and is declared by the United States Department of Defense to be eligible for federal veterans' benefits, and has been honorably discharged from the service of the United States or from such militia, or from such merchant marine service, prior to or during such employment in or occupancy of such position or office, shall be removed from such employment, position or office, except for good cause shown after a fair and impartial hearing, but such person shall hold his employment, position or office during good behavior, and shall not be removed for political reasons.

For the purposes of this section no term of office, position or employment of any person shall be deemed to be fixed by law or coterminous with that of the employing or appointing board or body by reason of the fact that such person was or is appointed or employed by a noncontinuous board or body; provided, however, that in no event is it intended that this act shall apply to appointments made for a fixed or stated period of time.

Amended 1942,c.83; 1991,c.389,s.9.

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