New Jersey Revised Statutes § 38:18a-2 - Compensation To Disabled Veterans, Spouses

38:18A-2. Compensation to disabled veterans, spouses
A veteran who served in the active military or naval forces of the United States and who is suffering from paraplegia and has permanent paralysis of both legs and lower parts of the body, or who is suffering from osteochondritis and has permanent loss of the use of both legs, or who is suffering from hemiplegia and has permanent paralysis of one leg and one arm or either side of the body, resulting from injury to the spinal cord, skeletal structure, or brain or who has suffered amputation of both hands, both feet or one hand and one foot, or who has lost the use of both feet or both legs, due to multiple sclerosis, sustained through enemy action, or accident, or resulting from disease contracted while in such active military or naval service, shall be paid for the term of his life, and upon his death his surviving spouse shall be paid, the sum of $750.00 annually in monthly payments. Such payments shall be due and payable from the date of discharge or release of the soldier if application therefor shall be made within one year from the date of such discharge or release. If the application shall be made after one year from the date of discharge or release of the soldier, such payment shall be due and payable from the date of such application. Accrued payments to the date of certification shall be paid in one lump sum.

Nothing in this act shall be intended to include paraplegia or hemiplegia resulting from locomotor ataxia or other forms of syphilis of the central nervous system or from chronic alcoholism, or to include other forms of disease resulting from the veteran's own misconduct which may produce signs and symptoms similar to those resulting from paraplegia, osteochondritis, hemiplegia or multiple sclerosis.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016