New Jersey Revised Statutes § 38:23a-7 - Apprentice And On-the-job Training For Veterans;

38:23A-7. Apprentice and on-the-job training for veterans; "present emergency" defined
Each State department and each county and municipality in the State hereby is authorized and empowered to establish and maintain apprentice and on-the-job training programs for the employment of veterans of World War II as contemplated by public laws Nos. 16 and 346 of the Seventy-eighth Congress of the United States, and for persons who have served in the armed forces of the United States in the present emergency who may be entitled to on-the-job training benefits under any Federal law, and the head of each State Department and the governing body of each county and municipality is authorized to determine the positions to be included within such program and their rating and to fix the compensation to be paid to such veterans while serving therein under the supervision, and subject to the approval, of the Civil Service Commission in the case of State departments and the counties and municipalities in which subtitle three, of Title 11, Civil Service, of the Revised Statutes is in effect.

The term "present emergency" as used in this act shall mean and include any time after June twenty-third, one thousand nine hundred and fifty, and prior to the termination, suspension or revocation of the proclamation of the existence of a national emergency issued by the President of the United States on December sixteenth, one thousand nine hundred and fifty, or termination of the existence of such national emergency by appropriate action of the President or Congress of the United States.

L.1946, c. 162, p. 731, s. 1. Amended by L.1952, c. 232, p. 784, s. 2, eff. May 19, 1952.

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