New Jersey Revised Statutes § 38:23c-18 - Collection Of Taxes Or Assessments; Interest And Penalties

38:23C-18. Collection of taxes or assessments; interest and penalties
a. The provisions of this section shall apply when any taxes or assessments, whether general or special, other than taxes on income, whether falling due prior or during the period of military service in respect of personal property, money or credits or real property owned and occupied for dwelling, agricultural, or business purposes by a person in military service, or his dependents, at the commencement of his period of military service and still so occupied by his dependents or employees, are not paid.

b. No sale of such property shall be made to enforce the collection of such tax or assessment, or any proceeding or action for such purpose commenced, except upon leave of court granted upon application made therefor by the collector of taxes or other officer whose duty it is to enforce the collection of taxes or assessments. The court thereupon, unless in its opinion the ability of the person in military service to pay such taxes or assessments is not materially affected by reason of such service, may stay such proceedings or such sale, as provided in this act, for a period extending not more than 6 months after the termination of the period of military service of such person.

c. When by law such property may be sold or forfeited to enforce the collection of such tax or assessment, such person in military service shall have the right to redeem or commence an action to redeem such property, at any time not later than 6 months after the termination of such service, but in no case later than 6 months after the date when this act ceases to be in force; but this shall not be taken to shorten any period, now or hereafter provided by the laws of the State, or any political subdivision thereof, for such redemption.

d. Whenever any tax or assessment shall not be paid when due, such tax or assessment due and unpaid shall bear interest until paid at the rate of 6% per annum from the date when such tax first became a lien, and no other penalty or interest shall be incurred by reason of such nonpayment, whether such penalty or interest shall have accrued prior or shall accrue subsequent to the commencement of the period of military service of such person. Any lien for such unpaid taxes or assessment shall also include such interest thereon.

L.1979, c. 317, s. 18, eff. Jan. 18, 1980.

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