New Jersey Revised Statutes § 38:23c-3 - Sureties, Guarantors, Endorsers On Obligation; Stay Of Performance Of Enforcement; Vacation Of Judgment Or Decree; Waiver

38:23C-3. Sureties, guarantors, endorsers on obligation; stay of performance of enforcement; vacation of judgment or decree; waiver
a. Whenever, pursuant to any of the provisions of this act, the enforcement of any obligation or liability, the prosecution of any suit or proceeding, the entry or enforcement of any order, writ, judgment or decree, or the performance of any act, may be stayed, postponed or suspended, such stay, postponement or suspension may, in the discretion of the court, likewise be granted to sureties, guarantors, endorsers and others subject to the obligation or liability, the performance or enforcement of which is stayed, postponed or suspended.

b. When a judgment or decree is vacated or set aside, in whole or in part, as provided in this act, the same may, in the discretion of the court, likewise be set aside and vacated as to any surety, guarantor, endorsers, accommodation maker or other person whether primarily or secondarily liable upon the contract or liability for the enforcement of which the judgment or decree was entered.

c. Nothing contained in this act shall prevent a waiver in writing of the benefits afforded by paragraphs a. and b. of this section by any surety, guarantor, endorser, accommodation maker, or other persons whether primarily or secondarily liable upon the obligation or liability except that after the date of enactment of this act no such waiver shall be valid unless it is executed as an instrument separate from the obligation or liability in respect of which it applies, and no such waiver shall be valid after the beginning of the period of military service if executed by an individual who, subsequent to the execution of such waiver becomes a person in military service.

L.1979, c. 317, s. 3, eff. Jan. 18, 1980.

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