New Jersey Revised Statutes § 40a:9-12.1 - Vacancy Deemed On Resignation, Incapacity, Death, Residence, Absence, Or Removal; Filling Unexpired Term.

40A:9-12.1 Vacancy deemed on resignation, incapacity, death, residence, absence, or removal; filling unexpired term.

1.The office of any person appointed to a specified term, with or without compensation, by the governing body or chief executive of any local unit, including persons appointed to any board, committee, commission, authority or other agency of one or more local units, shall be deemed vacant:

a.Upon its being so declared by judicial determination;

b.Upon the filing by such officer of his written resignation;

c.Upon the refusal of a person designated for appointment to such office to qualify or serve;

d.Upon the determination of the appointing authority that such officer shall have become physically or mentally incapable of serving;

e.Upon the death of such officer;

f.Upon the determination of the appointing authority that, in violation of a lawful residency requirement, such officer no longer resides within the corporate limits of the local unit or other designated territorial area;

g.In the case of a member of a board, committee, commission, authority or other agency, whenever the member, without being excused by a majority of the authorized members of such body, fails to attend and participate at meetings of such body for a period of 8 consecutive weeks, or for four consecutive regular meetings, whichever shall be of longer duration, at the conclusion of such period, provided that such body shall notify the appointing authority in writing of such determination; provided, further, that such board, committee, commission, authority or other agency may refuse to excuse only with respect to those failures to attend and participate which are not due to legitimate illness; provided, however, that nothing in this subsection shall preclude a municipal appointing authority from adopting by ordinance a policy establishing a lower absentee threshold, provided that the ordinance shall not permit the removal of the member if the member has been absent for less than six consecutive weeks, or three consecutive meetings, whichever shall be of longer duration, without being excused, within the term of office for the position held by the individual;

h.Upon the removal of such officer for cause in accordance with law, or for any other reason prescribed by law.

Whenever any of the above shall occur the appointing authority shall forthwith fill the office for the unexpired term in the manner prescribed by law; provided, however, that in the case of a person failing to qualify or refusing to serve pursuant to subsection c., such office shall not be deemed vacant, if the incumbent officeholder is authorized by law to continue in such office until a successor is appointed and qualifies therefor.

L.1979, c.302, s.1; amended 2009, c.141, s.3.

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