New Jersey Revised Statutes § 54a:8-1 - Payment Of Tax; Returns; Extension Of Time.

54A:8-1 Payment of tax; returns; extension of time.

54A:8-1. Payment of tax; returns; extension of time. With respect to each taxpayer, the tax imposed by this act shall be due and payable annually, hereafter, in the manner provided in this section:

a.Every taxpayer shall annually pay the tax imposed by this act with respect to all or any part of each of his fiscal or calendar accounting years beginning on and after July 1, 1976, to be computed as in this act provided, for such fiscal or calendar accounting year or part thereof, on a return which shall be filed, in the case of a taxpayer reporting on a calendar year basis, on or before April 15 following the close of such calendar year, or, in the case of a taxpayer reporting on a fiscal year basis, on or before the fifteenth day of the fourth month following the close of such fiscal year, and the full amount of the tax shall be due and payable on or before the date prescribed herein for the filing of the return.

In the case of a taxable year which ends on or after July 1, 1976, and prior to December 31, 1976, an income tax return for such taxable year shall be filed on or before April 15, 1977.

Notwithstanding any law to the contrary, the director may extend either the filing or payment due date, or both, for any return under the "New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act," N.J.S.54A:1-1 et seq., to coincide with a similar extended filing or payment due date established for federal personal income tax returns and may adopt the same terms or conditions specified by federal law or regulation for any such filing extension or payment due date.

b.Each return shall carry a signature by the taxpayer certifying that all statements contained therein are true, under the same penalties as for perjury committed. The director is authorized to promulgate regulations and procedures setting forth the manner in which a taxpayer may satisfy the signature requirement. Blank forms of return shall be furnished on application, but failure to secure the form shall not relieve any taxpayer of the obligation of making any return herein required. Subject to regulations under this act and in such form as may be indicated thereby, taxpayers whose net income taxable under this act is or may be subject to tax under a similar law of another jurisdiction may be permitted to file a simple, short form return attached to a copy of his return as filed or about to be filed by him in such other jurisdiction.

Subject to regulations under this act, reasonable extensions of time for good cause shown, may be granted for not more than six months unless exceptional circumstances justify a longer period, within which returns may be filed.

In addition, persons in active service with the Armed Forces of the United States, who may be prevented by distance or injury or hospitalization arising out of such service, may be allowed such extension of time for the filing of returns, without interest or penalty, as may be fixed by regulations under this act.

L.1976, c.47, s.54A:8-2; amended 1996, c.10; 2005, c.297.

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