New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:13a-13a - Conduct Of Inspections

55:13A-13a. Conduct of inspections
a. Any inspection required under P.L. 1967, c. 76 (C. 55:13A-1 et seq.) shall be conducted by the commissioner except as provided in subsection b. of this section or where a municipality has a cooperative arrangement, with the bureau to perform these inspections in which case the inspection shall be conducted by the municipality; provided, however, that nothing in this section shall preclude the bureau from conducting inspections in any municipality for the purpose of monitoring or auditing the performance of local agencies, as provided hereinafter, or inspectors, or for the purpose of dealing with imminent hazards.

b. In any municipality which maintains a permanent local agency for the purpose of conducting inspections and enforcing laws, ordinances and regulations concerning buildings and structures within the municipality, and such agency is supervised by, and has all hotel and multiple dwelling inspections performed by persons licensed by, the commissioner under this act, the municipal governing body may by ordinance designate that agency to conduct the inspections and enforce the regulations prescribed by or pursuant to P.L. 1967, c. 76 (C. 55:13A-1 et seq.). Where an ordinance is in effect all inspections required pursuant to P.L. 1967, c. 76 within the territorial limits of the municipality shall be conducted by the agency so designated, subject to the supervision and control of the commissioner; and all applications otherwise directed by law to be filed with the commissioner, and all fees and penalties otherwise to be imposed or collected by the commissioner, shall in such a municipality be filed with, or imposed or collected by, the local agency designated by ordinance pursuant to this subsection; provided, that in no case shall the local agency collect or impose a penalty in excess of the minimum amount which the commissioner is authorized by law to collect or impose for the same violation, or to assess a continuing penalty, without the written prior approval of the bureau. The commissioner shall have the power to order corrective action as may be necessary where a local agency is found to be failing to carry out its responsibilities under this act and to suspend the authority of the local agency under this subsection where the local agency repeatedly or habitually fails to enforce the "Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law," P.L. 1967, c. 76 (C. 55:13A-1 et seq.) and the regulations adopted pursuant thereto.

c. Any person affected by the determinations made pursuant to any inspection conducted under P.L. 1967, c. 76 (C. 55:13A-1 et seq.) may appeal those determinations to the Office of Administrative Law with the final decision to be issued by the commissioner; provided, however, that the cost of any such hearing to the department shall be borne by the local agency in any case where the inspection fee is required to be paid to a local agency or in which the notice, order or decision being contested was issued by a local agency.

L. 1987, c. 30, s. 3.

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