New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:13a-20.2 - Mortgage Holder Of Record; Notice Of Failure By Owner To Abate Violations

55:13A-20.2. Mortgage holder of record; notice of failure by owner to abate violations
Whenever the Attorney General files an action in the Superior Court, on behalf of the Commissioner of Community Affairs, pursuant to section 6 (C. 55:13A-6) of the "Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law" P.L.1967, c. 76 or the Penalty Enforcement Law (N.J.S. 2A:58-1 et seq.) following the failure of an owner of a building subject to the Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law to abate violations of the regulations promulgated pursuant to the law after receipt of notices and orders to terminate violations as required by the law or the failure of the owner to pay a civil penalty assessed pursuant to the laws after receipt of notice and order to pay penalty the Commissioner of Community Affairs shall cause to be forwarded, by regular first class mail, to any mortgage holder of record a notice of filing of the action and copies of any notices and orders which provide the cause for said action. The mortgage holder of record shall be any holder of record as filed with the municipal clerk pursuant to P.L.1974, c. 50 (C. 46:8-27 et seq.).

L.1975, c. 191, s. 2, eff. Aug. 16, 1975.

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Last modified: October 11, 2016