New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:14h-6 - Division Of State Into Areas; Allocation Of Aid From Funds Available

55:14H-6. Division of State into areas; allocation of aid from funds available
The Council shall, for the purposes of this act, divide the State into areas on the basis of which allocation of funds, by way of aid or subsidy, may be made as herein provided. In establishing such areas the Council shall take into consideration the need for housing; density of population; the existence of blighted or slum areas; and the ability of private enterprise with or without the aids herein granted, to meet housing needs in the various localities of the State, and aid in the clearance, replanning, development or redevelopment of blighted areas therein.

The aggregate amount of funds to be allocated under this act in the areas so established shall be determined by the Council. In making such determination the Council may give consideration to the extent to which the governing bodies of municipalities within such areas have undertaken to improve housing conditions by the enforcement of sanitary and building regulations, by modernizing building codes, by encouraging the elimination of restrictive practices, by the use of city planning procedures, and by the adoption of master and redevelopment plans.

The Authority may, subject to the provisions of this section, allocate aid from funds available for its use for any type of project herein contemplated and may fix limits as to the amount of aid to be extended to any applicant hereunder, and the uses to be made therefor; provided, however, that, in accordance with procedures established by the Council, first consideration shall, within each area, be given to the following agencies in the order named: resident builders, co-operatives, housing corporations, redevelopment companies, municipalities, local housing authorities.

L.1949, c. 303, p. 933, s. 6.

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