New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:14k-49 - Housing Incentive Finance Fund Established

55:14K-49. Housing Incentive Finance Fund established
5. a. There is hereby established in the agency the Housing Incentive Finance Fund, which shall be continuing and nonlapsing, for the purpose of funding loan guarantees authorized pursuant to this act. Moneys in the fund not immediately required for payment or liquid reserves may be invested and reinvested by the agency in the same manner in which other agency funds may be invested.

b. There shall be paid into the fund: (1) all proceeds from the sale of bonds pursuant to section 4 of this act; (2) fees received pursuant to this act; (3) any income earned upon investment of moneys in the fund by the agency pursuant to subsection a. of this section; and (4) any other funds that may be available to the fund through appropriation by the Legislature or otherwise.

c. Moneys in the fund shall be used exclusively for (1) funding loan guarantees pursuant to this act; (2) paying the interest on and repaying the principal of bonds issued pursuant to section 4 of this act; (3) entering into agreements pursuant to section 8 of this act for credit enhancement of bonds issued by the agency pursuant to this act; (4) making payments in fulfillment of the terms of loan guarantees entered into pursuant to section 7 of this act; and (5) defraying the administrative costs of the agency in carrying out the purposes and provisions of this act.

d. Fees for the issuance of loan guarantees issued by the fund shall be established by the agency at the lowest rate compatible with the integrity of the fund and its proper administration, maintenance of adequate reserves for the actuarially sound funding of guarantee pledges, and the ability of the agency to pay the interest upon and repay the principal of bonds issued pursuant to section 4 of this act.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016