New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:17-8 - Remedies To Holder Of Mortgage Loan

55:17-8. Remedies to holder of mortgage loan
In order to provide additional and supplemental remedies to the holder of a mortgage loan on a project, which remedies are deemed necessary and appropriate to the feasibility of making private funds available to finance a project, the holder of a loan may, in addition to any other remedy available by contract or by law:

(a) enter into possession of the project and operate the same, or engage some other person, association or corporation to do so;

(b) receive by transfer at least a majority of the capital stock of the mortgagor and assume operation and control of such mortgagor;

(c) receive and accept a deed or deeds of all of the right, title and interest of the mortgagor in and to the project and to enter into possession thereof and operate the same, or engage some other person to do so;

(d) apply to the Superior Court, Chancery Division, for the entry of a judgment of strict foreclosure in respect to any person or persons holding any claim or lien in respect to the project or the mortgagor, junior to that of the mortgage loan; and in such proceedings the court may provide for such marshaling of assets and application thereof as may be appropriate to maintain the relative positions of the parties;

(e) institute suit and recover judgment upon the underlying loan obligation without being first required to proceed with foreclosure on the mortgage;

(f) proceed to foreclosure of the mortgage, separately from or together with suit on the underlying obligation, and public sale of the project under the supervision and control of the court, to any person, association or corporation willing and able to assume the performance of the terms and provisions of the lease or financial arrangement, either by literal compliance therewith or by means of proper separate records for the project of the nature provided for in this act, all as the court may direct, in order that the highest possible bid may be realized while preserving and maintaining the position of the governmental body or agency under the lease or financial arrangement;

(g) pursue any remedy available either under this act or otherwise either in its own name or through a subsidiary or affiliate, and for such purpose any holder of a mortgage loan is authorized to cause such subsidiary or affiliate to be formed, to hold the stock thereof either in its own name or that of nominee or nominees, without regard to the restriction or limitations of any other law.

L.1967, c. 304, s. 8, eff. Feb. 15, 1968.

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