New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:18-7 - Surcharge On Rents For Lessee With Option To Purchase; Deposit; Disposition

55:18-7. Surcharge on rents for lessee with option to purchase; deposit; disposition
a. If at the time of execution of the lease the municipality offers the lessee an option to purchase the property during, or at the expiration of, the lease, and if the lessee records in the lease its intention to exercise the option, then in establishing a schedule of rents the lessee shall be entitled to include charges designed to accumulate over the period of the lease a fund which, including accrued interest during that period, is agreed upon by the municipality and the lessee to be probably sufficient to meet the lessee's cash requirements in connection with the purchase; provided, however, that the surcharge shall not increase rents to a level inconsistent with subsection a. of section 6 of this act.

b. Charges added to rents for this purpose shall be deposited in a financial institution qualified to exercise appropriate fiduciary powers under the laws of this State and shall not be withdrawn or used for any purpose during the term of the lease, or for any purpose thereafter, except to make payments in connection with the financing of the purchase of the property pursuant to exercise of the option, or as provided in subsection c. of this section.

c. Upon expiration of the lease without exercise of an option to purchase for which a fund has been accumulated pursuant to this section, the fund so accumulated shall:

(1) If the lessee declines renewal or in renewing declines to continue an option for purchase, be used for a reduction of tenant's rental charges according to a formula determined by the municipality, except as otherwise provided pursuant to subsection c. of section 8 of this act;

(2) If the lessee accepts renewal with a continued option to purchase at the end of the extended term, but declines to continue accumulation of the fund, remain on deposit through the extended term subject to the restrictions of subsection b. of this section;

(3) If the lessee accepts renewal, with a continued option to purchase at the end of the extended term, remain on deposit and be added to in accordance with continuing charges for the purpose; but such charges shall be adjusted to take into account the longer term for accumulation, the new option price, if set under the terms of renewal, and any change in the fund's expected rate of earnings over the extended period.

L.1983, c. 335, s. 7, eff. Sept. 2, 1983.

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