New Jersey Revised Statutes § 55:19-45 - Submission Of New Jersey Redevelopment Strategy Document

55:19-45.Submission of New Jersey Redevelopment Strategy document

26. With its first annual report, and every second year thereafter, the authority shall submit a New Jersey Redevelopment Strategy document, setting forth the goals and priorities governing the selection of the projects it anticipates participating in or assisting; and the authority shall annually review and evaluate the projects actually undertaken in light of the goals and priorities established therefor by the New Jersey Redevelopment Strategy document. In selecting projects for its participation, and in evaluating those projects in which it has participated, the authority shall devise and employ techniques for forecasting and measuring relevant indices of accomplishment of its goals of economic revitalization, including specifically:

a. the number of jobs created, or to be created, by, or as a result of, the project;

b. the cost, or estimated cost, to the State, involved in the creation of those jobs;

c. the amount of private capital investment in, or stimulated by, a project, in proportion to the public funds invested therein; and

d. in the case of an industrial project or a multi-purpose project which has, as one of its elements, a project classified as an industrial project, a determination, based upon written findings, that the project would not be undertaken but for the participation of the authority.


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Last modified: October 11, 2016