New York Agriculture & Markets Law Section 111-A - Microchipping standards.

* 111-a. Microchipping standards. 1. The commissioner shall adopt and promulgate rules and regulations that provide for standardization of technology used in microchips implanted in companion animals that are dogs or cats and microchip readers so that such readers used by veterinarians, animal shelters, dog control officers, and animal control officers are capable of reading any chip to identify the animals and/or the owner of record. Such rules and regulations shall also provide for the collection, sharing, and dissemination of chip identification information by entities that possess and manage such information solely to promote timely notification of owners when pets are lost, while maintaining privacy protection of personal information and providing for disclosure to such owners of the sharing of such information.

2. The rules and regulations required by this section may provide for an advisory committee which shall include, but shall not be limited to, representatives of the animal microchip community who shall advise the commissioner on the technical requirements necessary in creating universal standards and access to identifying information. The members of any such advisory committee shall serve without compensation.

* NB Effective April 17, 2018

Last modified: February 3, 2019