New York Agriculture & Markets Law Section 74 - Regulations relating to importation.

74. Regulations relating to importation. The following regulations shall apply to the importation of domestic or feral animals:

1. No person shall knowingly bring into this state any domestic or feral animal which has an infectious or communicable disease, except in the case of pure bred registered bovine animals which have been removed from this state and have reacted to the tuberculin or other recognized test subsequent to such removal, may be returned to this state upon written permission from the commissioner subject to such rules as he may prescribe in relation thereto.

2. Any person bringing into this state domestic or feral animals for any purpose other than immediate slaughter without taking precaution to ascertain whether such animals have an infectious or communicable disease shall be presumed to have brought them in knowingly in violation of this section, if they are found to have such disease.

3. Animals received from outside the state under the supervision of the United States department of agriculture or the department of agriculture and markets of the state of New York, or for which a permit or certificate shall have been issued by either of such departments, shall be deemed to have been handled with due precaution.

4. Any person importing or bringing into this state meat cattle for dairy or breeding purposes shall report immediately upon bringing such cattle into the state to the department, in writing, stating the number of cattle thus brought in, the places where they were procured, the lines over which they were brought, their destination within the state and when they arrive thereat; and if there be filed with the department at the time of filing such report or within ten days thereafter, a certificate by a duly authorized veterinary practitioner approved by the authorities of the state in which he resides or by an authorized veterinary inspector of the United States bureau of animal industry to the effect that he has duly examined such animals and that they are free from any infectious or communicable disease, the commissioner may issue a permit to such person to remove such cattle immediately. Otherwise such person shall detain such animals at the point of destination for at least twenty days for inspection or examination by the commissioner or his duly authorized agent. The provisions of this subdivision relating to advance reports to the department shall not apply to cattle imported into this state at a point where there is federal inspection.

5. Persons bringing into this state or receiving domestic or feral animals from without the state shall give such other information to the department as it may from time to time request relating to such animals.

6. The commissioner may order all or any animals coming into the state to be detained at any place or places for inspection and examination, and if any of them after due examintion be found affected with any infectious or communicable disease, such animals shall be condemned and slaughtered or held in strict quarantine.

7. Each animal brought into the state in violation of any of the provisions of this article shall constitute a separate and distinct violation.

8. Nothing contained in this section shall be construed to prevent or make unlawful the transportation of domestic or feral animals through this state on railroads or boats.

9. The commissioner is hereby authorized, after public hearing, to adopt and promulgate rules and regulations to implement and give full effect to the provisions of this section, including rules and regulations requiring a permit for the importation of domestic or feral animals into the state.

10. For the purposes of this section, a feral animal shall mean an undomesticated or wild animal.

Last modified: February 3, 2019