New York Agriculture & Markets Law Section 85 - Destruction of animals; disposition of carcasses.

85. Destruction of animals; disposition of carcasses. The commissioner may prescribe rules for the destruction of animals affected with infectious or communicable disease, and for the proper disposal of their hides and carcasses and all objects which might carry infection or contagion. Whenever in his judgment necessary for the more speedy and economical suppression or prevention of the spread of any such disease he may cause to be slaughtered and afterward disposed of, in such manner as he may deem expedient, any animal or animals which by contact or association with diseased animals or other exposure to infection or contagion may be considered or suspected to be liable to contract or communicate the disease sought to be suppressed or prevented. The commissioner may seize and cause to be destroyed a carcass or any portion thereof affected with any communicable disease.

Last modified: February 3, 2019