New York Civil Practice Law & Rules Article 64 - RECEIVERSHIP

  • 6401 - Appointment and Powers of Temporary Receiver.
    (a) Appointment of temporary receiver; joinder of moving party. Upon motion of a person having an apparent interest in property which is the subject of...
  • 6402 - Oath.
    A temporary receiver, before entering upon his duties, shall be sworn faithfully and fairly to discharge the trust committed to him. The oath may be...
  • 6403 - Undertaking.
    A temporary receiver shall give an undertaking in an amount to be fixed by the court making the appointment, that he will faithfully discharge his
  • 6404 - Accounts.
    A temporary receiver shall keep written accounts itemizing receipts and expenditures, and describing the property and naming the depository of receivership funds, which shall be...
  • 6405 - Removal.
    Upon motion of any party or upon its own initiative, the court which appointed a receiver may remove him at any time.

Last modified: February 3, 2019