New York Election Law Section 4-123 - Publication of candidate websites.

4-123. Publication of candidate websites. 1. The state board of elections shall publish on its website the campaign website address designated by any candidate for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, state comptroller, member of the state senate and member of the state assembly on the ballot at the next primary, special or general election, except as provided in subdivision two of this section. Such candidate may notify the state board of elections of his or her website address on such candidate's petition cover sheet or in a separate writing signed by the candidate. Any candidate who does not provide a website address shall be listed as having not provided a website address for publication.

2. The state board of elections shall not publish any website address found to be unrelated to a candidacy for public office. Such denial to publish a website address shall be reviewed only in a special proceeding brought by the candidate pursuant to article seventy-eight of the civil practice law and rules.

3. The state board of elections shall prominently display the following disclaimer with relation to the list of candidate website addresses: "The website addresses published here are designated by the candidate. The state board of elections is not responsible for and expresses no opinion as to the content of candidate websites."

Last modified: February 3, 2019