New York Executive Law Section 100 - Central state registry of armored car guards.

100. Central state registry of armored car guards. 1. The secretary of state shall maintain a computerized registry of all individuals who apply for a registration card or have been issued a registration card as an armored car guard pursuant to the provisions of article eight-C of the general business law. An armored car carrier, as that term is defined in subdivision six of section eighty-nine-bbb of the general business law, shall obtain only the name, address and armored car guard registration status of an employee or potential employee listed in such registry.

2. The secretary of state shall maintain all records collected for applicants pursuant to the armored car guard act for a period of five years after the applicant's termination as an armored car guard, retirement, resignation, death, failure to be rehired, or non-renewal of the applicant's registration card. Every armored car carrier shall file with the secretary, on a monthly basis, a report, stating all armored car guards in their employ who have retired, resigned, died, been terminated, have not been rehired, or have otherwise been removed from active duty, in such form and on such media as approved for such purpose by the secretary.

Last modified: February 3, 2019