New York Executive Law Section 107 - Intergovernmental agreements.

107. Intergovernmental agreements. 1. The secretary of state shall compile and keep current a list of all interstate compacts and other intergovernmental agreements between or among states, subdivisions of this state and other states, or between this state or any subdivision thereof and the federal government having the force of law to which this state or any subdivision thereof is party. Such list shall contain the citations to the statutes or other official documents of this state containing the text of any such compact or agreement together with a listing of all other jurisdictions party to the compact or agreement, the date on which each such jurisdiction entered into participation in such compact or agreement with this state or subdivision thereof; the status of each such compact or agreement in respect of withdrawals therefrom and the citations to any act or resolution of the congress of the United States, if any, consenting to such compact or agreement. The list required to be kept pursuant to this subdivision also shall include compacts and agreements adopted by this state or any subdivision thereof but not in effect by reason of the absence of such other parties thereto as may be necessary to make the compact or agreement effective and binding.

2. In any case where the statutes of this state do not contain the full text of a compact or agreement to which subdivision one of this section applies, the secretary of state shall receive a true copy of the compact or agreement and keep the same on file.

3. Any amendment, supplementary agreement or administrative rule or regulation having the force of law implementing, adding to or modifying any such compact or agreement to which this state or a subdivision thereof is party shall be listed or filed in the same manner as the compact or agreement itself.

4. The secretary of state shall make the list maintained by him pursuant to this act and any information contained therein available to any person upon request, but shall not be required to furnish copies of any compact or agreement, unless so required by a provision of law or administrative rule other than this section.

5. The listing and filing requirements of this section shall be in addition to and not in substitution for any requirements for listing or filing, publication or distribution contained in particular compacts or agreements to which this state is or may be a party.

6. Upon receipt by the governor of a formal notice from another state of such state's withdrawal from an interstate compact to which New York is party, the governor shall transmit such notice or a copy thereof to the secretary of state. Any agency or subdivision of this state administering, participating in or entering into any compact or agreement shall furnish the secretary of state with all information necessary to permit such secretary to perform his duties and responsibilities pursuant to this section.

Last modified: February 3, 2019