New York Executive Law Section 147 - Schedule of publication.

147. Schedule of publication. 1. The department of state shall publish a regular issue of the state register at least once a week and special issues as directed by statute or as deemed appropriate by the secretary of state.

2. The department of state may publish special issues which shall include information and notices required to be published pursuant to section fourteen hundred two of the abandoned property law, at times specified by such section.

3. The department of state shall publish, quarterly, a special issue which shall:

(a) contain an index of all notices published in the state register pursuant to article two of the state administrative procedure act between January first of the year of publication and the state register issue immediately preceding publication of this special issue;

(b) cite each notice in the index by the identification number described in subdivision three of section one hundred forty-nine of this article and for each such notice cited, the index shall include a description of the subject and purpose of the rule, the date of publication of the notice, and a symbol denoting whether the notice was for (i) a proposed rule making, (ii) an adoption, (iii) an emergency adoption, (iv) an expiration, (v) a revised rule making or (vi) a withdrawal; and

(c) arrange notice citations by agency in alphabetical order and present consecutively all such citations relating to a single rule making.

Last modified: February 3, 2019