New York Executive Law Section 152 - General functions, powers and duties.

152. General functions, powers and duties. The department of state, by and through the secretary of state or duly authorized officers or employees, shall have the following functions, powers and duties:

1. To assist the governor in coordinating the activities and services of those departments and agencies of the state having relationships with municipalities to the end of providing more effective services to such municipalities.

2. To keep the governor informed as to the problems of municipalities and to advise and assist in formulating policies with respect thereto and utilizing the resources of the state government for the benefit of municipalities.

3. To serve as a clearinghouse, for the benefit of municipalities, regarding information relating to their common problems and to the state and federal services available to assist in the solution of those problems.

4. To refer municipalities to the appropriate departments and agencies of the state and federal governments for advice, assistance and available services in connection with particular problems

5. To advise and assist municipalities in the solution of particular problems.

6. To conduct studies and analyses of the problems of municipalities and to make the results thereof available as the secretary may deem appropriate.

7. To encourage and assist cooperative efforts among municipalities in developing among themselves solutions of their common problems.

8. To encourage expansion and improvement of training made available to municipal officials, in cooperation with municipalities and the organizations representing them.

9. To consult with and cooperate with municipalities and officers, organizations, groups and individuals representing them, to the end of more effectively carrying out the functions, powers and duties of the department.

10. To encourage and facilitate cooperation and collaboration among agencies and levels of government, and between government and the private sector, for the protection and development of human, natural and man-made resources.

11. To advise and assist municipalities in the performance of their planning and development activities.

12. To aid and assist, in the provision and coordination of state technical assistance and services in connection with the planning and development activities of municipalities.

13. To provide assistance and guidance to municipalities and, as appropriate, to the private sector, through the compilation, formulation and dissemination of necessary information, projections and techniques relating to development of resources.

14. To undertake any studies, inquiries, surveys or analyses necessary for performance of the functions, powers and duties of the department through the personnel of the department or consultants, or in cooperation with any public or private agencies.

15. To adopt, amend or rescind such rules, regulations and orders as may be necessary or convenient for the performance of its functions, powers and duties under this article.

16. To enter into contracts with any persons, firm, corporation or governmental agency, and to do all other things necessary or convenient to carry out the functions, powers and duties expressly set forth in this article.

17. To effectuate the purposes of this article, and to enable the department properly to carry out its functions, powers and duties, the secretary of state may request from any state department or agency or from any municipality, and the same are hereby authorized to provide, appropriate assistance, services and data.

22. To prepare and recommend to the legislature and the governor legislative proposals relating to municipalities.

23. With the approval of the governor, to accept and administer as agent of the state any gift, grant, devise or bequest, whether conditional or unconditional, including federal grants, for any of the purposes of this article. Any moneys so received may be expended subject to the same limitations as to approval of expenditures and audits as are prescribed for state moneys.

Last modified: February 3, 2019