New York Executive Law Section 156-D - Thermal imaging camera grant program.

156-d. Thermal imaging camera grant program. 1. Subject to available appropriation, there is hereby established in the office of fire prevention and control a thermal imaging camera grant program, under which grants shall be made available to fire organizations for the purchase of one thermal imaging camera each or for reimbursement to such fire organizations for public funds, other than state or federal funds, that have been expended by such fire organizations on or after April first, two thousand for the purchase of a thermal imaging camera, provided, however, no reimbursement, when combined with any required match, shall exceed the office of general services contract price per camera. Such grants shall be made available upon application by such fire organizations. Fire organizations that are without a thermal imaging camera shall receive priority from the office of fire prevention and control for grants made pursuant to this section. The office of fire prevention and control may require, pursuant to such uniform standards as such office may prescribe, that applicants for such grants or reimbursement provide matching funds of up to, but not more than, the amount awarded; provided, however, that a fire organization having an annual operating budget of one hundred fifty thousand dollars or less shall not be required to provide matching funds. The office of fire prevention and control shall promulgate such rules and regulations as are necessary to advance the purposes of this section. Such regulations shall establish, among other things, training requirements for the use of thermal imaging cameras by fire organizations.

2. As used in this section, "fire organizations" means a board of fire commissioners, which operates a fire department pursuant to the town law, a fire department established pursuant to the village law or general city law or a fire company located within a fire protection district pursuant to the town law.

Last modified: February 3, 2019