New York Executive Law Section 164-A - Report and publication economy regulations.

164-a. Report and publication economy regulations. 1. The commissioner of the office of general services, in consultation with the state comptroller, shall establish regulations providing for cost savings in the printing and distribution of reports and other publications by agencies, departments and authorities of the state. To the extent that such reports and publications do not relate to the marketing or advertising of a service or product of the agency, department or authority, such regulations shall at a minimum provide that such reports and other publications:

(a) be as brief as may be practicable;

(b) utilize uncoated recyclable paper, of a size that will minimize paper use and waste, for printing of text and cover;

(c) make limited use of photographs;

(d) be printed in no more than two colors, unless otherwise specifically permitted by law, rule or regulation of the commissioner;

(e) not use covers unless such covers are necessary and appropriate for the protection of the document;

(f) be distributed pursuant to a distribution list which is reviewed at least annually to eliminate duplicate, excessive, unwanted and obsolete mailings;

(g) be mailed in combination, to the extent practicable and when possible, with mailing of other reports and publications;

(h) be eliminated or combined, to the extent practicable and when possible, with other reports and publications.

2. Each agency or department shall, with its annual report, provide the state comptroller with a list of printing cost estimates from all sources, including in-house facilities, the office of general services central reproduction unit, private printers and such other printing cost information as may be required by the state comptroller.

3. Subdivision one of this section shall be implemented in a manner that is consistent with the provisions of subdivisions five and six of section three hundred fifty-five of the education law.

Last modified: February 3, 2019