New York Executive Law Section 248 - Establishment of probation scholarships.

248. Establishment of probation scholarships. The office, out of moneys appropriated to it for that purpose, is authorized to grant scholarships for graduate training in any course of study that would be of substantial value in the field of probation at graduate schools located within the state whose programs are registered by the regents.

Each such scholarship shall entitle the holder thereof to a sum not to exceed four thousand dollars annually while in attendance at any of the said schools for a period not to exceed two years of graduate professional study.

Scholarships under this section shall be awarded only to residents of the state of New York who hold a degree of bachelor of arts or bachelor of science from a college or university, or the equivalent thereof.

The office, after consultation with the state probation commission, shall recommend to the commissioner rules governing the award of such scholarships, the publication of notices offering scholarships, the issuance and cancellation of certificates entitling persons to the benefits thereof, the use of such scholarships by the persons entitled thereto, the courses that may be included under such scholarships, the schools which may be attended under such scholarships, the rights and duties of scholarship holders and of the schools which they attend, and providing generally for the carrying into effect of the provisions of this section; and may, by appropriate rule, require that holders of such scholarships be available for employment in probation work in the state of New York upon the completion of the training for which the scholarship is provided. The office shall, after consultation with the state probation commission, award such scholarships within such established rules, and any scholarship may be revoked for cause.

Payments of money under this section may be made to the holder of the scholarship or to the school or college attended under the scholarship, on behalf of, and for the benefit of, the holder of the scholarship.

Payments of money shall be ordered by the comptroller upon vouchers of the office certifying that the person named therein is entitled to receive the sum either directly, or for his or her benefit.

Last modified: February 3, 2019