New York Executive Law Section 29 - Direction of state agency assistance in a disaster emergency.

29. Direction of state agency assistance in a disaster emergency. Upon the declaration of a state disaster emergency the governor may direct any and all agencies of the state government to provide assistance under the coordination of the disaster preparedness commission. Such state assistance may include: (1) utilizing, lending, or giving to political subdivisions, with or without compensation therefor, equipment, supplies, facilities, services of state personnel, and other resources, other than the extension of credit; (2) distributing medicine, medical supplies, food and other consumable supplies through any public or private agency authorized to distribute the same; (3) performing on public or private lands temporary emergency work essential for the protection of public health and safety, clearing debris and wreckage, making emergency repairs to and temporary replacements of public facilities of political subdivisions damaged or destroyed as a result of such disaster; and (4) making such other use of their facilities, equipment, supplies and personnel as may be necessary to assist in coping with the disaster or any emergency resulting therefrom.

Last modified: February 3, 2019