New York Executive Law Section 486 - Comprehensive grant information.

486. Comprehensive grant information. 1. The office shall request such specific information as the director determines to be necessary concerning assistance programs and grants administered by federal, state and local agencies, individuals and corporations designed to enhance rural areas. Such information shall be used to advise local agencies, individuals or corporations for the purpose of promoting coordination in program or grant efforts wherever feasible or proper.

2. Any applicant requesting program grants or assistance in order to address rural development and revitalization needs, conditions or strengths in rural areas may, pursuant to the rules of the director, confer with the office to obtain assistance in the prompt and efficient processing and review of applications.

3. The office shall, so far as possible, render such assistance; and the director may designate an officer or employee of the office to act as an expeditor for the purpose of:

(a) Facilitating contacts for the applicant with state, federal, or local agencies, individuals or corporations responsible for processing and reviewing grant applications;

(b) Arranging conferences to clarify the interest and requirements of any such agency, individual or corporation with respect to grant applications;

(c) Considering with the agency, individual or corporation the feasibility of consolidating hearings and data required of the applicant;

(d) Assisting the applicant in the resolution of outstanding issues identified by the agency, individual or corporation, including delays experienced in application review; and

(e) Coordinating federal, state and local grant application review actions and assistance programs to the extent practicable.

Last modified: February 3, 2019