New York Executive Law Section 916 - Benefits of approved waterfront revitalization programs.

916. Benefits of approved waterfront revitalization programs. In recognition of the state policy set forth in this article to encourage the revitalization of waterfront areas in a manner consistent with local objectives, the following benefits shall apply where a local government waterfront revitalization program has been approved pursuant to section nine hundred fifteen or section nine hundred fifteen-a of this article.

1. a. The secretary shall examine programs operated by state agencies which may have the potential to affect the policies and purposes of an approved waterfront revitalization program. Such examination shall include programs which involve issuance of permits, licenses, certifications and other forms of approval of land use or development, the provision of grants, loans and other funding assistance which leads to or influences land use or development, directly undertaken land use or development and planning activities. The secretary shall, within sixty days after approval of a waterfront revitalization program, identify actions under such state agency programs which are likely to affect the achievement of the policies and purposes of such approved program, and shall notify the affected state agency. The secretary may at any time identify additional actions and notify the affected state agencies thereof.

b. The state agency program actions so identified shall be undertaken in a manner which is consistent to the maximum extent practicable with the approved waterfront revitalization program. Reviews by state agencies of proposed actions to determine consistency with approved waterfront revitalization programs shall be coordinated with and made a part of other agency procedures, including reviews conducted under the state environmental quality review act as provided in article eight of the environmental conservation law.

2. The office of business permits shall conduct continuing studies of means of expediting development called for in approved programs. The secretary shall assist the office of business permits in the conduct of such studies, which should address the consolidation, simplification, expediting or otherwise improving permit procedures which may affect development called for in such areas taking into account the state policy set forth in this article to provide consistency of program actions at all levels of government for such areas.

3. The secretary shall consult and work with state agencies, including, but not limited to, the urban development corporation, the job development authority, the environmental facilities corporation, the office of parks, recreation and historic preservation and the departments of economic development and transportation, to seek to identify additional means of effectuating approved waterfront revitalization programs. The secretary shall make recommendations to local, state and federal agencies and the legislature, as appropriate.

Last modified: February 3, 2019